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Water damage cleanup

Water damage cleanup plano

Plano Water Damage is a leading company in the water damage restoration industry in the City of Plano and across the State of Texas. We provide high quality Water Damage Clean Up for both residential and commercial clients. With several years of providing nonstop top quality water damage restoration services at affordable rates, our certified and licensed firm has garnered numerous awards and recognitions from different organizations.

The Plano Water Damage Clean Up Procedure includes:

  • Free inspection of the loss site
  • Free evaluation and assessment of the extent of water damage
  • Free estimation of costs and documentation complete with before-after photographs
  • Stopping the spread of water damaged areas by conducting flood extraction services
  • Initiating the drying procedure for water submerged furnishings
  • Removal of wet or damaged carpets, area rugs, or oriental rugs
  • Disposal of wet carpet padding
  • Dehumidifying the internal atmosphere by using air movers and dehumidifiers
  • Moving and careful inspecting of furnishings
  • Application of environment friendly microbial solutions to stop the growth of bacteria
  • Use of monitoring equipment to thoroughly check the cleanliness and proper restoration

Our qualified, trained, experienced, certified, and licensed staff technicians will conduct the Water Damage Clean Up procedure with utmost care for your furnishings. The faster Plano Water Damage team of experts can facilitate the restoration process, the faster you can get your life back. Rest assured, we only implement the latest cleaning and restoring practices and use state-of-the-art technology to better facilitate our core commitment, top quality water damage restoration services for all Plano residents and commercial business owners.

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